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Finals of FIBA-Europe Regional Challenge
(season 2002/03)
- Finals of all European Basketball Competitions
- Finals of ULEB Euroleague
- Finals of ULEB Cup
- Finals of FIBA Suproleague (ex Champions' Cup, Euroleague)
- Finals of FIBA Saporta Cup (ex Cup Winners' Cup, European Cup)
- Finals of FIBA Korac Cup
- Finals of FIBA-Europe Eurocup (ex FIBA-Europe League)
- Finals of FIBA-Europe Eurocup Challenge (ex FIBA-Europe Cup)
Year Host City Finalists Result
2002/03 (Conf. NORTH) Mariupol Azovbasket Mariupol (UKR) - Bayer Leverkusen (GER) 88-61
(Conf. SOUTH) Limassol KK Aleksandrovac (BIH) - AEL Limassol (CYP) 82-92

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